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Since 1997, I have been on the front lines working in the real estate, mortgage, funding and credit industries.  I've built a career on helping people who have a goal to live their best economic lives.  If you are tired of suffering in silence & not accomplishing your financial objectives, then complete the form above to move one step closer to your goals.  Remember to click the button below to connect with me on Instagram.
Hey Credit Warriors! My name is  Monique, your partner in the battle against bad credit!
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  • Delete Negative Reporting Items
  • Boost Your Credit Scores Quickly
  • Educate Clients on Maintaining Credit
  • Provide Funding Solutions & More!
Janelle, New York
“I loved your process from beginning to end!  Your consultation process is simple, I was well informed during my consultation call and I was able to sign-up very easily.  You have a seamless process.  Every month you updated me on my progress and I saw great results with every round.  I've lived with poor scores for years. So thankful to be in the 700 Club now!”
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hear from some other credit warriors in our community:
“When I signed up I had over 100 inquiries.  You were able to remove 75% in the first round.  After the second round, I was ready for funding.  You and your funding team have helped me get the working capital I needed to expand my business.  I've taken a heavy burden off my personal credit and have learned how to leverage my business credit in very smart, effective ways.”
Arthur, California
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